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Frequently Asked Questions

What trainings do you offer?

We offer Body Sculpting Training (See "About the Training" Below), Breast and Butt Lift Training, Hyaluron Pen Training, Cryotherapy, Makeup Artist Training, and Skincare Training (facials, waxing, threading, brows) for those at any or no experience level or licensure. 20% discount if you book multiple trainings. We also offer equipment. Call, email, or text for more inquires or to book. 

Am I required to be an esthetician before I can start a body sculpting business?

For most states you are not required to be a licensed esthetician to start a body sculpting business. However, I encourage you to reach out to your state’s licensing and regulation department.


Will this training classes certification allow me to start my body sculpting business immediately?

The Body Sculpting Certification does not need to be submitted to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) or any other state for that matter. You will be backed by 24k Body Sculpting as a Certified Body Sculpting Specialist who can start their business pending any state requirements.


Will my state require anything else from me start my body sculpting business?

Check with your state on body sculpting requirements. However, most states are not regulating this industry at this time if it remains non-invasive and is not under the realm of esthetician services. The services 24k Body Sculpting trains on are not invasive and not esthetician related.


Is the equipment provided approved by the United States for professional use?

All the equipment we provide is Federally Approved.

In the packages or options for Body Sculpting Training Purchase, What does it mean by with or without equipment?

With equipment options means the equipment you purchase with your training. This is your equipment to keep and take home for body sculpting use. Without equipment is for those who do not want to purchase equipment at the time of the class because they need to wait, already have equipment, or only desiring training. 

Do I have to purchase equipment for the class?

You are not required to purchase equipment and are encouraged to do your research on equipment options. We will provide equipment for training purposes in person. Virtual trainings do work best if your purchase equipment from us or already have equipment, but is not required. 

Do I have to purchase the equipment before the class?

There are with or without equipment options. You must purchase the with equipment option either with full payment or full deposit at least 10 days prior to your scheduled training to guarantee receipt of equipment by the start of the class. However, if paid less than 10 days you may still get the equipment but you may not have it in time before the class and will have to pay for shipping via USPS or pickup locally at a later date. There is a substantial savings applied by purchasing the equipment with the training. If you purchase the equipment separately it will cost more than if you purchased with the training. There also is a 10% discount applied if you pay the full amount due at booking of your training. 


Does my equipment have a warranty?

The equipment does have a 30-day warranty on the equipment probes and heads and 180 days on the machines. You will learn how to check your machines and limit wear and tear within a reasonable time. Understand normal wear and tear is typical and you will need to replace your equipment at some point. It should not be expected with careful use and care to replace anything prior to 6 months. Remember you are investing in yourself and at some point, your investment must be upgraded and developed.


Will the training show me how to use my equipment?

The training will train you on the same equipment I use in my own spa and that you will be purchasing if applicable.


I cannot make my training day and time; can I reschedule or do virtual?

Virtual options are available with some notice via Skype or Zoom. You may reschedule up to one time or do your training virtually if needed, any reschedules due to No-Shows or a second reschedule will incur a $200 fee per reschedule.


Will COVID-19 stop the future trainings?

Virtual options are available, and staff is available if virtual is the only option we can exhaust.


What will be taught in the body sculpting training?

You will learn about the anatomy of the body as it pertains to areas of fat and contouring, shaping, placement, laser lipo, cavitation lipo, detox wrapping, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction techniques.


Can I take the training with a friend?

We can accept individuals or groups. Please inquire about discounts for groups of 4 or more because you must book together to get the discount. Due to COVID-19 precautions we must know how many will be in your group to ensure the training is not overcrowded beforehand.


What precautions will the training staff take against COVID-19?

We limit the class size, wear mask, do temperature checks, sanitize all material after use, and participants/staff upon entry. It is important to have adequate space in the training space we use for the day and that everyone is patient, on-time, and has a mask with proper social distancing.


Are we provided with support after the training?

My first career choice was Management, then Legal and Human Resources. Mentorship and support is important to my purpose. 24k Body Sculpting and the staff will be lifetime support on your journey to building your business. After taking my training, my doors are open to you within 18 months for shadowing and for questions, concerns, and tips through email, phone, and text. We will forever be within a network and learn from one another.


When will the training be in my state?

The training schedule is updated periodically based on interest. If your state is not on our schedule yet, please feel free to express interest so we can consider adding your location or the nearest metro area.


Can I do mobile services with the equipment I receive?

Your equipment is portable and can be used to carry for mobile services.


Will the services be demonstrated on me during the training?

We will provide a model to do demonstrations on, but we also encourage participants to have demonstrations done on them. You will benefit from doing some of the services so you can explain the process and how it should feel and not feel for your future clients.

Can I cancel my training and receive a refund? 

Unfortunately, deposits are not refundable unless an error in booking or cancellation is made by 24k Body Sculpting. We can reschedule your training to a later date or change your training class option. We DO NOT REFUND under any circumstances, instead transfer you to a different class up to one time without a fee. 

Can I receive additional training after my training?

Additional days of in person training is also offered to past students at $100 per day. You may come in and utilize additional hands on training pending client approval and learn how we operate our business as much as you’d like. This is separate from the complimentary “observation” or virtual day.

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