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Vaginal "V" Steam

45 mins, $45-65

What is the Vaginal Steam (V or Yoni Steam)? The V Steam utilizes an herb called Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris). It has been used in Korea for hundreds of years and is known for balancing female hormonal levels. Mugwort also contains natural antibiotics and anti-fungal agents which is said to help maintain internal health as well as keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Mugwort leaves and flower buds are boiled and steamed and applied to a specific area of the body (perineum) for detoxification. The steam from the Mugwort is then absorbed into the body through the pores of the skin, most strongly effecting the site of absorption. Although touted for its use for women, it may also be used for both men and women who suffer from hemorrhoid discomfort.

Benefits of the V Steam:

  • Stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health

  • Protects the uterus from ulcers and tumors

  • Soothes while strengthening the nervous system

  • Stimulates menstrual discharges and the production of milk

  • Aids in restarting regular menstrual cycles

  • Eases fatigue, headaches, abdominal discomfort and nausea

  • Lessens the effects of renal calculi, rheumatism, arthritis and gout

  • Helps fight infections

  • Kills intestinal worms

  • Helps correct digestive disorders

  • Warms the body

  • Vaginal steaming is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the vagina, uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. But the claims don’t stop there. It also relieves;

  • stress

  • depression

  • hemorrhoids

  • infections

  • infertility

  • hormone imbalances

  • headaches

  • fatigue

  • digestive issues

  • generalized pain

Warning: DO NOT use during pregnancy.
The above statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. The above product/service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or conditions.

Herb Options and Pricing (30-45 minutes):

Natural Herb "Menstruation" V STEAM $45

Ph regulating Vaginal Steaming (good to heal vaginal immune for HPV, BV and menstrual cramps, cervical dysplasis & more)

Signature "Calming" V STEAM $65

The talk of the town, V-Steam, inspired by an ancient ritual practiced for hundreds of years in Korea. This steaming treatment stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health, aids regular menstrual cycles, clears up hormonal acne, promotes circulation,and helps correct digestive disorders.

Steamy Nights "Menopause" V STEAM $55

Tikkun’s Slimming blend uses combination of Chinese herbs to enhance the body to promote cleansing, detoxification and burn body fat.

Infertility V STEAM $65

Tikkun’s Fertility blend uses combination of Chinese herbs to enhance the health of the reproductive system, warms the womb and invigorates the circulation of the chi and stimulates blood flow to the uterus and clears dampness.


Tikkun’s Postpartum blend helps reduce postpartum depression, promotes the production of mother’s milk for the infant’s benefit, increases circulation, eases the afterpains of childbirth and can assist in healing vaginal atrophy and infections.

Signature A STEAM FOR MEN $55

Originally a treatment for the Emperor of China, the A Steam for men is invigorating and detoxifying. Aids in reducing muscle tension, inflammation and lactic acid for athletes. Improves cardiovascular performance and induces deeper sleep. Soothes hemorrhoids and assists in anal cleansing. Increasing energy and enhancing general health.

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